Degree courses

There are various ways you can apply to take Theology courses at BITS

Master of Divinity 


The Master of Divinity program in Theology is Designed primarily for those who expect to enter the formal ministry either of the pastorate or in organizations associated with the local churches. This 3 year course provides a comprehensive study of the Bible with theological training for proper understanding of the God’s will. For the course, a bachelor’s degree is required.

It is designated for the people for the professional degree preparing men and women for ordination. Students notseeking ordination may apply to be admitted to this program but are stronglyencouraged to apply for MTS (the Master of Theological Studies) program instead. The MDiv program consists of three years of fulltime training or their equivalent in part- time.

full-time studies.

  • Full-time course : 3 Years or 6 Semesters/ 85 Credits Required
  • Part-time course : 3 ~6 Years / 85 Credits Required

Master of Theology


The Master of Divinity program in Theology is Designed primarily for a layperson who wants to have a foundational theological training. This 2 year course offers essential understanding of the Bible, theology, ecclesiastical history, and pastoral care. For the course, a bachelor’s degree is required. Credits can be transferred for a M.Div. degree.

  • Full-time course : 2 Years or 4 Semesters / 36 Credits Required
  • Part-time course : 2~4 Years / 36 Credits Required

Master of theology


A graduate theological program that academically studies systematic theology, church history, and Missiology.

Specialized Doctorate Degree Course

Doctor of Theology

Higher course for academic or professional studies in the specific fields, for acquiring theological doctorate. To complete the course, a rigorous doctoral dissertation is required. BITS offers several courses for doctorate, as follows:

Doctor of Theology 

Doctor of Christian Education

Doctor of Christian Counselling

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Missiology

Three Years or 6 Semesters/ 32 ~ 40 Credits

Admission Requirement
for International Students

Students with a Bachelor of Arts degree(or equivalent) from a recognized university may apply for admission to the Master of Divinity program. All applicantsmust submit the following:

1. The standard application form;

2. Complete original transcripts verifying thecompletion of a Bachelor of Arts (or equivalent) degree;

3. Form letters of reference from the applicant’s rector

4. Korean test score: TOPIC  level 3 or above